West Midlands, UK


This scheme covered a major stretch of road across the Midlands replacing HID luminaires on the Area 9 network in consultation with Kier Highways in partnership with Carnell and National Highways.

The main requirement of the project was to replace the HID lanterns with LED, providing a Neutral white solution, improving the quality of light and uniformity whilst reducing the carbon footprint and saving costs on energy and maintenance.

The project also hinged on the necessity to prioritize delivery in line with the program of the contractors, thus ensuring that traffic management costs were minimized.

To answer the requirement of the scheme 638 x P862 Phosco LED lanterns in Neutral White 4000K and 166 x P863 Phosco LED lanterns were utilized covering the various road lighting classes applicable to the road network. With a combination of 11 different lanterns or lenses, the project collaboration between all parties was key in delivering a successful working solution.

With decarbonization of the strategic road network in the spotlight and fuel prices soaring to record levels, the energy savings created by the installation of efficient LED lights will help the shift towards ‘net-zero highways’ and create a sustainable, cost-effective solution for years to come.

This large project was undertaken by the specialist Highways lighting arm of Carnell with Kier Services (Highways) and CU Phosco Lighting. The public roads being closed off with Traffic Management often changed from the original plan at short notice, however flexibility was a key requirement. So it was important to try and accommodate such variances and all parties worked together to minimise disruption in late 2021. The P862 and P863 luminaires were installed by Carnell’s highly skilled operatives and a successful conclusion was never in doubt, and another major road has been delivered in a quality of light.

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