High Mast Maintenance

High Masts, are substantial items of capital equipment and with correct maintenance, their standard design life of 25 years can be markedly extended. CU Phosco Lighting can regularly check the structural integrity of High Masts including the mast shafts, lantern carriages, winches, wire ropes and foundations to confirm that they will be safe and operational for extended use. The aim of this continual pro-active approach is to provide peace of mind to the client of compliance to all relevant technical and health and safety requirements detailed in the Professional Lighting Guide 07, High Masts for Lighting and CCTV(2013 Edition) produced by the Institution of Lighting Professionals.

Structured Maintenance

Due to the pro-active approach, the High Mast structure can be assessed and CU Phosco Lighting can offer a retrofit service to bring old masts up to date by fitting new energy-efficient bespoke high mast LED luminaires such as the P855 with a variable optic so the light is directed to where it is needed thus increasing efficiency, checking and refurbishing or replacing the lantern ring, headframe, ropes, electrical cables and winches.

By implementing a structured maintenance programme in conjunction with CU Phosco Lighting you can ensure compliance with all current legislation, enhance the life of the equipment and save energy.

Experience Matters

Our maintenance teams are highly qualified and are subject to a continual programme of training and development (both in house and external) including the following:

  • CITB CPCS Lifting Operations
  • IPAF
  • Highway Electrical Registration Scheme Approved

Outside of the UK, we can train local operatives to maintain our High Masts to our own high standard, so the products are safe, and the lighting design delivers its full potential throughout its life.

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