Structural Design

CU Phosco Lighting, whether as part of its full turnkey package of work or as a stand-alone item can undertake detailed Structural Design for numerous scenarios:-

  • Concrete Pad Foundations & Screw Piled Foundations for:-
    • Lighting Masts
    • CCTV Masts
    • Telecommunication Masts
    • VMS and Large Signs
    • Ground investigations if required
  • Mast design – lighting, CCTV and Telecommunication masts
  • Specialist column design

Bespoke designs for any project

With our team of Chartered Civil Engineers (ICE – Institution of Civil Engineers) and experienced Technicians, we can help our Clients find the right product for their needs from either our wide range of “off the shelf products” or provide bespoke designs and manufacture of products for any project.

CU Phosco can provide structural designs for existing or new columns and masts based on BS, EN, ILP PLG, incl. Europe, Middle East, USA, Canada, Brazil, China.

CU Phosco can provide 3D models for BIM or for presentations and to carry out Finite Element Analysis on structures.

Some recent projects where we have undertaken structural design include:-

  • A723 Hamilton – High Mast Foundation Bases
  • Nissan SVA – High Mast Foundation Bases
  • Schiphol Airport Expansion Project – Bespoke 40m masts for CCTV Camera and Wash and Wipe system.
  • M62 – Vibration monitoring system for Lighting Columns
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