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Asset Finance

In today’s tough operating environments, business leaders are faced with the requirement to replace or update their lighting and columns at the same time as managing their P&L. Working in collaboration with Siemens Financial Services, CU Phosco have developed bespoke funding packages to support you and your business needs at the same time as ensuring that your books balance.

What is Asset Finance?

CU Phosco Asset Finance could include either a Lease or Hire agreement which will involve an instalment plan for payment, making projects more manageable and affordable, giving you more control over your finances.

What is Lighting as a Service (LaaS)?

CU Phosco's Lighting as a Service (LaaS) eliminates the need for any upfront payments through our fully funded solution. It offers a completely managed service available exclusively through our subscription model.

Why would you choose a Finance option?

All Finance is subject to credit checks and project confirmation. However, many clients have found financial and product benefits including:

  1. Conservation of Capital: LED finance allows you to spread the costs of purchasing your next LED project over a time, rather than a large up-front cost.
  2. Improved Cash Flow: Instead of a significant one-time expense, you can manage their cash flow more effectively with regular, manageable payments throughout the term.
  3. Upgraded Technology: LED finance enables access the latest LED lighting technology without needing to invest substantial capital upfront. Your project will include an upgraded lighting infrastructure to more energy-efficient and cost-effective LED solutions.

Who is Asset Finance for?

Working with your CU Phosco Area Sales Manager, we can work through the right options that may be available for your next project. To find out more, simply contact your Area Sales Manager or register your interest here.

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