Structural Foundations

Our dedicated and experience team of designers can not only provide any scheme with structural design support, whether that is a fully serviced package, or a stand-alone project, our skilled team can undertake detailed bespoke or off-the-shelf structural design and installation.

Key projects include Concrete Pad Foundations & Screw Piled Foundations for:

  • Site Investigations
  • Geotechnical Reports
  • Structural Foundation Design to meet client specification requirements Foundation Installation (to include Screw Piling as required)
  • Lightning Protection Installation Mast design – lighting, CCTV and Telecommunication masts
  • Specialist column design

20 Years unrivalled experience

Our in-house team undertake all Civil Engineering and Specialist Foundation installation as required. The works include Excavation, Muck Away, Temporary Works, Shuttering, Screw Piling, Steel Fixing, Cage Installation, Bolt Set Installation, Duct Installation, Concreting, Water Proofing, Backfill & Reinstatement.

Over the years we have developed other skills such as diamond drilling and the installation of chemical anchors for high masts and lighting columns to enable the re-use of existing concrete pad foundations that have not surpassed their useful design life thus reducing the environmental impact of the new lighting scheme during the construction phase and also reducing its initial capital cost. Both of these factors can help get the project approval over the line during these times of budget constraints.
Our current installation team are highly skilled and have been installing our foundations for over 20 years.

Recent projects include: -

  • A723 Hamilton
  • NEC Birmingham
  • A63 Livingstone Road, Hull
  • Nissan Manufacturing UK, Sunderland
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