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How Stansted reduced energy by 50%

CU Phosco Lighting was requested to replace the existing 750+ SON-T floodlights across Stansted Airport with the FL800R LED floodlight P855 LED high mast lantern including all airside masts and several landside masts.

The main aims were to provide significant energy savings, improve light quality and provide increased control of the lighting system.

A comprehensive High Mast Survey was carried out by a CU Phosco Lighting Supervisor on all 87no High Masts. This identified that 8no. masts on the Northside of the airport required replacing. CU Phosco Lighting delivered the project fully in-house including the design, supply and installation of LED lanterns and replacement high masts.

Results and Benefits

The FL800R & P855 LED solution offers a better quality of light for both the staff and public at the airport. The feedback from the ground crews and maintenance staff has been very positive.

The project produced an energy saving over 50% which will be further increased with the use of the Telensa CMS system which CU Phosco Lighting installed as part of the project. The increased control gives the airport the ability to dim or turn off stands/areas that are not in use.

CU Phosco Lighting’s ability to deliver the full project in-house ensured that the project was completed on time and within budget.

Stansted Airport engaged CU Phosco Lighting to replace the existing High Mast Lighting across the airfield with LED technology... this reduced energy consumption by ~1 million kWh per annum and significantly improved the quality of apron lighting.

Engaging a contractor capable of the design, manufacture and installation facilitated a single point of contact for the works and proved effective in promptly managing and absorbing changes to scope.

Conclusively, CU Phosco adopted a pragmatic and collaborative delivery approach with the airport, allowing the project to be completed ahead of schedule and within budget.

Daniel Vickers

London Stansted Airport

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