Manchester, UK

Manchester Airport

Following successful trials at other Airports CU PhoscoLighting replaced the existing SON-T floodlights at Terminal 3 with the FL800R LED floodlight. The aim of the project was to test the efficiency, output and overall quality of the product in-situ.

The trial gave CU Phosco Lighting the opportunity to not only showcase the product but deliver a complete turnkey solution. A comprehensive High Mast Survey was carried out by a CU Phosco Lighting Supervisor on all 7 no High Mast at T3 whilst a lighting design was produced by an experienced CU Phosco Lighting designer. The lanterns were then manufactured by CU Phosco Lighting in Ware, Hertfordshire and installed by experienced CU Phosco Lighting operatives who are accustomed to the airport environment. An advantage of keeping everything ‘in house’ means CU Phosco Lighting can effectively resolve any problems quickly and efficiently without a third party.

A desk top study, using the lantern data, demonstrated the energy savings from the conversion of SON-T to LED. However by completing a trial, it is clear to see there has been and a considerable improvement in visibility on the stands. The FL800R LED solution is able to offer a better quality of light for both the staff and public at the airport.

The most challenging constraint of the project was to ensure the new LED scheme provided a good energy saving whilst still complying with the strict lighting levels. The ‘in house’ nature of CU Phosco Lighting meant the technical department could work closely with the on-site team to provide a streamlined and accurate solution.

The outcome of the project and a subsequent tender process has resulted in CU Phosco Lighting being appointed as the main contractor for the Manchester Airports Group to carry out LED replacements at Manchester Airport, Stansted Airport and East Midlands Airport.