Auckland, New Zealand

Middlemore Hospital

The CMDHB facilities staff identified the need to upgrade the HPS street lighting on the main road of Middlemore Hospital for safety of the users of the road, especially the staff. The concern was to reduce maintenance cost and control of spill lighting includes reducing skyglow.

The skyglow and spill lighting is addressed in all the carparks as progressive changes are being made with new LED lighting from CU Phosco.

The CU Phosco design also has an excellent thermal performance.

CU Phosco’s tender was submitted through Broadspectrum and the pricing structure supplied by 3E Energy Limited. 3E Energy Ltd has been representing CU Phosco in NZ and the South Pacific area since 1992.

On March 10, 2001 CU Phosco HPS fixtures with proper optical design and flat lens was awarded the International Dark-Sky Association award for quality lighting design. The award was given to Dawood Latif for the Auckland Airport project. It was the first international award by Dark-Sky Association.

The tender for Hospital Road at Middlemore Hospital was won by Broadspectrum, because of the excellent work done by them on the Hospital Road lighting and additional work for the upgrade of the Western Carpark lighting using P862 fixtures from CU Phosco. The existing 400w HPS was replaced with P862-159w

The Hospital Road LED lighting design with specification for tender was engineered by BECA Consultants in Auckland. The new space to mounting height selected by the consultants provided an AS/NZS1158 compliant lux level upgrade design.

CU Phosco assisted with the photometrics redesign of the Western Carpark upgrade lighting.

The Hospital Road fixtures as per the specification were P862 fixtures with NEMA sockets and DALI dimming, as specified/supplied for this project.

Results and Benefits

Replacing the HPS lighting made an amazing difference to the environment. The security department benefited from better pictures from the cameras.

Other benefits will include reduced energy use and maintenance with lamp/control gear replacement.


We wish to acknowledge the field assistance of Phil Williamson (deceased) with John Black (retired) for their support on this project.

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