Paris, France

Valenton Fire Station

With over 8,600 men and women, the Paris Fire Brigade is the largest fire brigade in Europe. Responsible for over 7 million peoples safety.

We were delighted to help light their unique training centre, in the Val-de-Marne. Paris firefighters are increasingly faced with urban technological hazards caused by today’s modern mega-cities.

Valenton Fire Station

High Mast Floodlighting the largest firefighting school in Europe.

Their new training facility will include replicas of a motorway and a metro station to create as realistic a training environment as possible. 12no. FL810 single module floodlights were, installed on 8no. 16m masts and provided an extremely uniform solution for the BSPP (Brigade de Sapeurs-Pompier Paris). Lighting the Valenton (94) Place d’Armes, part of the training centre the fire brigade is building which will eventually become the largest firefighting school in Europe.

Given the critical nature of the training at the centre, the correct lighting was essential. BSPP are extremely happy with the results and in particular the uniformity of the lighting.

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