Bristol, UK

Clifton Suspension Bridge

Crossing the Avon Gorge in Bristol the Clifton Suspension Bridge was designed by the esteemed civil engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel 1831 and building was completed after his death in 1864.

The Clifton Suspension Bridge Trust who maintain the bridge were looking for a lantern to reduce energy and maintenance costs whilst still blending in with the history of the Grade l Listed bridge.

After consultations with our LED technical department it was decided that the P516 LED Heritage lantern, utilising the 36 LED 55w Philips Rebel LED Panel would be the best option to replace the existing 70w SON Heritage Lanterns which were running at 79 circuit watts.

By installing the P516 LED lanterns there was an immediate 30% saving however using the Philips Xitanium driver with Constant Light Output feature under running the LEDs for the 1st stage of its life – fitted as standard in this range of lanterns, the integral programmable 5 step dimming regime feature allow the lanterns to be dimmed to 51% between the hours of midnight and 6am to operate at 28 circuit watts allowing 65% savings during these hours.

Whilst saving energy which is important to a charitable trust such as ours, lighting with an LED solution has enhanced the appearance and safety of the footways and toll plazas approaching the Bridge. The period style of the lantern blends in perfectly with the historical and Grade l Listed structure, whilst also reduced future maintenance costs.

David Anderson

Bridge Master, Clifton Suspension Bridge Trust