London, UK


Street lighting in the London Borough of Lambeth is being replaced with energy efficient LED luminaires. The programme of works aims to convert over 8,500 of the 15,000 street lighting units in Lambeth. The project will concentrate on the residential street lighting stock changing over from HID to LED luminaires. The primary aim is for the council to reduce energy consumption resulting in improved energy costs for the borough whilst providing better illuminated streets within Lambeth. By installing LED lights, Lambeth will help to deliver upon its commitment to be a more sustainable borough by reducing carbon emissions. In collaboration with Designs for Lighting the lighting design options were optimised to offer best practice solutions, in addition DfL provided independent verification of the energy saving projections.

Results and Benefits

The project supply commenced on June 1st with 3000 lanterns already being installed. The P852 fittings are manufactured in Coleford, Gloucestershire to a forward schedule. The advantage of producing the lanterns in the UK means that CU Phosco can react quickly to any site changes or deviations that can occur. This assists the contractor in improving efficiencies in the program as well as reducing any delays to the road schedule. During the supply of the luminaires, CU Phosco and Bouygues are working in partnership to a forward planned site schedule ensuring minimal distribution to the road network and public users. The LED luminaire options consume far less energy than the existing asset. The council are removing a range of HID lamp sources and replacing them with the P852 LED residential lantern. The average consumption of the planned 8500 x HID Lantern removal will reduce energy consumption from over 905KW to approx. 348.5KW, this is a 61% saving.

The colour rendering from LED lanterns provide improved visual clarity within the environment and it’s anticipated that the council will save up to £600,000 per year after converting to LED street lighting.

The quality of product and customer service from CU Phosco to this contract has been excellent. We are very happy with the continued achievement of the planned delivery schedule and meeting the requirements of the strict installation program. Both businesses are working in partnership to provide a professional project delivery to the council. CU Phosco has not faltered on any commitments and we would happily recommend them to others seeking contracts such as this.


Contracts Manager