Following technological advancements at CU Phosco Lighting, we proposed adding the new FL800R to the design. Using the FL800R in the toll booth areas gave the best uniformity across the lanes and extra light at the vehicle number plate recognition camera areas. The FL800Rs were provided with WB855 gearboxes to give a smooth looking aesthetics on side entry columns.

While there were several changes to construction plans and deadlines, our flexible approach let us respond fast. Our quick turnaround made sure other contractors met their targets, especially when changes were made just before the opening date.

For example, we colour matched our lanterns to a special silver paint finish selected by the MC as an afterthought for the aluminium poles. Our collaboration with column suppliers Sapa Poles (now Hydro) ensured the columns and lanterns were fit for purpose, and on time.

A valuable working relationship between CU Phosco Lighting area sales manager Stephen Hart and WT Jenkins Ltd contracts manager Mark Sherrington meant design changes and technical information could be shared and action taken quickly.

The standard P852 luminaire build was modified for Kent County Council with additional features included to meet the council’s specification and approval. The project commenced in March 2016 and is on a three year rolling project starting in residential areas which are to be completed within Q2 2017. Then eventually moving to the main roads and highways in the summer of 2017 and to be completed by December 2018. The improvement in light quality from HID to LED is evident across the districts that have been installed so far. The P852 provides exceptional optical control minimising obtrusive light, without compromising the lighting performance for both road and pedestrian use. 30,000 P852 lanterns have already been installed taking the average energy consumption from 469KW on the existing HID asset to 117KW for the P852 LED light source this equates to circa 70% energy reduction.

All 33,600 luminaires have now been delivered to the Bouygues Energies & Services depot in Kent, all on time and within the contract schedule. CU Phosco Lighting are proud to have been involved with this phase of the Kent County Council LED street lighting and highways energy reduction and public lighting improvement project.