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CU Phosco Lighting Reduces Light Pollution and Enhances Safety at Halden Harbour with Innovative Lighting Solution

CU Phosco Lighting, in collaboration with agent Golden A.S., successfully provided a cutting-edge lighting solution for Halden Harbour in Norway. Using the FL800R LED floodlights with a precision cut-off, the project achieved significant reductions in light pollution, ensuring high light levels and improved energy efficiency for enhanced safety and operational efficiency at the port.

Norway, known for its stunning coastline along the North Atlantic Ocean and the Barents Sea, boasts a thriving economy driven by various industries, including maritime trade. The nation's strategic location has made it home to numerous world-class ports facilitating bustling maritime activities.

Among these ports is the strategically situated Halden Harbour, located on the eastern coast of Oslo Fjord, approximately 116 km southeast of Oslo. The port's significance lies in its location at the junction of Ringdalsfjorden and Iddefjorden, featuring quays on both sides of the mouth of Tistedalselva. With a total quay length of about 1000 meters and a depth of 7 to 10 meters, Halden Harbour accommodates various operations, including loading and storing timber and handling Nexans cables and equipment for subsea use.

Recently, the ISPS (International Ship and Port Facility Security Code) compliant port, undertook an essential lighting project for its dockside area, requiring a lighting solution that met specific criteria.

Rino Klevaas, the sales manager and project light designer at Golden A.S., highlighted the challenges faced during the project, "We were tasked with developing a lighting solution that met the stringent lighting requirements of the harbour while also considering the proximity to public areas and the corrosive marine environment. We aimed to minimise light pollution and glare while ensuring the safety and efficiency of the operations."

With these considerations in mind, CU Phosco Lighting, in collaboration with Golden A.S., designed a customised lighting solution tailored to the specific needs of Halden Harbour's dockside area.


  • The main objectives for the lighting project were:
  • Achieve an average light level of 50 lux to support safe loading and unloading operations.
  • Ensure excellent corrosion resistance due to the harsh marine environment.
  • Provide high light levels with uniform distribution on quays, storage areas, and ramps.
  • Minimise glare and light spill to public areas.


CU Phosco Lighting, in close collaboration with Golden A.S., designed a lighting solution based on the FL800R LED floodlights. The project was completed in two phases spanning three years. Thirteen FL800R floodlights were mounted on 24-metre-high masts to meet the project's demanding requirements.

The FL800R LED floodlighting system provided an innovative approach to floodlighting, allowing various configurations on a mast with full azimuth rotation and tilt function. The AeroFlow® Cooling System in the FL800R modules ensured exceptional thermal management, allowing for a compact luminaire design fit for the location.

Using Lumileds LUXEON® M LEDs and AeroFlow® technology, the FL800R floodlights delivered high lumen output with minimal lumen depreciation over their lifespan.

Results and Benefits

The innovative lighting solution at Halden Harbour yielded remarkable results and significant benefits. The precision optics of the FL800R LED floodlights provided an average light level of over 50 lux with excellent uniformity, effectively illuminating the dockside area and facilitating safe loading and unloading operations for workers handling timber and subsea cables. Thanks to the strategic positioning and full cut-off of the FL800R, the floodlights minimised light spill to adjacent public areas and roads, ensuring low light pollution while maintaining visibility and safety.

Moreover, the FL800R floodlights' fully cowled design helps to minimise glare, enhancing visual comfort for workers and reduced potential distractions during critical tasks. The floodlights' high Colour Rendering Index (CRI > 70) further improved the visual performance, enabling workers to carry out their duties with superior accuracy and efficiency.

The lighting system's robust construction made it highly resilient to the harsh marine environment, characterised by high winds, heavy rains, corrosive salt fog, and extreme temperatures. This ensured that Halden Harbour now possesses a durable and reliable lighting solution capable of meeting the demands of its 24/7 port operations.

One of the most significant advantages of CU Phosco's lighting solution was its outstanding energy efficiency. The FL800R floodlights' superior luminaire efficacy, resulted in considerable energy savings for the port, contributing to environmental sustainability and reduced operational costs.

The port now enjoys a well-lit and safe working environment, improved operational efficiency, reduced light pollution in the surrounding areas, and long-term cost savings through enhanced energy efficiency.

Our lighting solution has been instrumental in improving safety and efficiency at Halden Harbour. The FL800R LED floodlights met the stringent lighting requirements and offer excellent corrosion resistance and energy efficiency. We are delighted with the results, and the collaboration with CU Phosco has been exceptional.

Rino Klevaas, Sales Manager Nordic and Project Light Designer

Golden AS

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