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Barton Bridge

Barton Bridge Manchester

Barton High Level Bridge is situated on the M60 highway between junctions 10 and 11. It is located on the outskirts of Trafford Park and forms part of the Manchester Outer Ring Road, an orbital motorway within Greater Manchester. M60 Jct 10-11 Barton High Level Bridge is approximately 740 metres long and approximately 35 metres above water level.

The existing System of Road Lighting consisted of deep bowl 180 watt Low Pressure Sodium (LPS) lamps driven by conventional wire wound ballasts. The LPS sodium luminaries exhibited extremely poor photometric control; this resulted in light being emitted above the horizontal creating light pollution. Poor uniformity was also apparent.

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The service provided from CU Phosco of which included the additional CMS install for the P861 lantern was well executed from initial enquiry to selected CMS install within the lantern build. Using the P861 LED enabled to optimise the spacing between the lighting columns whilst achieving a M2 lighting class and using a G6 rated lantern. I found CU Phosco very proactive and professional with any technical issues that arose from the design. I would recommend CU Phosco LED products to the exterior lighting industry.

Barton Bridge Illumination: Transforming Safety with P861 LED Lanterns

The P861 LED lanterns are located on the mainline central reserve. These lanterns light the carriageway area ensuring obstacles, features of the road and traffic are revealed so safe vehicular progress is possible. The mainline carriageway is lit to the lighting classification M2.

The LED lanterns specified achieve a glare rating of G6 luminous intensity class and the lantern having a weight of less than 15kg was a contributing factor on why this solution was desirable of being installed on a viaduct reducing maintenance visits from bi annual to 6yrs for clean and electrical test.

The improvement of the LED source complete with CMS technology has improved Highways England strategic road network. Utilising the latest technologies with the CU Phosco P861 LED and CMS equipment has ensured the correct contribution towards the HE energy & carbon reduction policy.