Dubai, UAE

Al Maktoum International Airport

New LED technology improves light and saves energy

To provide replacement floodlights on existing CU Phosco Lighting 30m High Masts, lighting the main apron of Al Maktoum International Airport. It was originally supplied in 2008 with Phosco 1000 watt FL500 and 2000 watt FL550 MHN/LA floodlights with instant restrike ignitors. The Airport currently has some passenger flights but is mainly used for all air cargo for Dubai and surrounding areas, therefore, accommodating the world's largest aircraft.

Results and Benefits

CU Phosco Lighting and Haji Commercial Co. LLC (HCC represents CU Phosco Lighting in the UAE) worked closely with DCA to reduce energy and maintenance costs for this project.

CU Phosco Lighting initially supplied a small quantity of Phosco FL800R-4 LED floodlights to replace FL500 1000 watt MHN/LA floodlights as a trail.

After a successful trial for reliability and performance, running the floodlights through the extreme heat of the Middle East summer, DCA ordered 10 more FL800R-4 LED floodlights so 2 no. complete masts could be converted to LED.

Following the installation, the DCA and HCC have surveyed the new installation and the results of their survey show an increase in the average lighting levels of 150% up from 30 lux to 45 lux together with an energy saving of 38%.