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P852 Next Generation LED Luminaire for residential road lighting.

A high quality, low cost solution to replace existing low pressure sodium (LPS) and compact fluorescent (CFL) luminaires on minor roads and residential areas.

Available in 6 LED, 12 LED and 24 LED Versions with Luminaire Efficacy up to 139 lm/W.
  • Elegant, simple and state-of-the-art design  
  • Replace conventional LPS/HPS/CFL lanterns at extremely low cost
  • Superior luminaire efficacy up to 139lm / W
  • Superior thermal management
  • L80 @ 100,000 hrs ( 1000mA, Ta = 15ºC )
  • L90 > 100,000 hrs ( 750mA, Ta = 15ºC )
  • Maximised savings on energy and maintenance costs
  • Minimal Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Up to S3/P3 lighting class applications
  • Dark sky friendly, no upward light
  • Flexible and intelligent lighting control options
  • IP66 ingress protection
  • 100% recyclable, low carbon footprint